National Data Repository (NDR) – Our Commitment to Quality
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National Data Repository (NDR) – Our Commitment to Quality

For E&P companies quality data of an oil & gas field is of utmost importance to plan the bidding for the acreages and taking cognizance that E&P data is a national asset therefore to make this entire data available for commercial exploitation, research & development purpose, National Data Repository was set up by DGH on behalf of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt of India. NDR has the following broad objectives:

To validate, store, maintain and reproduce reliable E&P data with provisions for seamless access online and offline.

To facilitate efficient data reporting, data exchange and trading among existing players.

To improve DGH ability to monitor and control E&P activities.

To support E&P activities in India under Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP) for improved E&P environment in India.

To provide data for processing, interpretation and visualization.

To strengthen overall Geoscientific activities in India.

NDR is the backbone of HELP. Open Acreage License Program (OALP) was launched along with NDR on 28th June, 2017 so that, the contractors can analyse the data & bid for particular block in which they are interested. The data presented through NDR is obtained through advance technology simulations which makes the data more reliable & the operators can take advantage of these data to make a precise decision regarding bidding of a particular block.Setting up of NDR is the key facilitator to provide a rapid jumpstart to E&P activities in India. The key beneficiaries of NDR are E&P operators, Govt. agencies, Universities, Research Institutes & Parties entitled by DGH.

Some of the key features of NDR are:

i. For appraisal of Conventional & Un-Conventional hydrocarbon prospects in 26 Sedimentary basin of India, DGH is planned to undertake 48,243 LKM of Seismic API, with an estimated cost of INR 2932.33 Crore.

ii. State of the art Primary Data Centre (PDC) equipped for data storage capacity of 156TB of hard disk to store processed data& 720TB robotic tape library.

iii. Secondary Data Centre (SDC) facility with 60TB for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity to be opened at Bhubaneshwar.

iv. Real time data replication between PDC & SDC

v. Fully equipped Data Visualization Rooms set up for viewing G&G data.

vi. Skill Development Centre facility for specialized training.

vii. Highly secured access with multiple biometric entry and exit points for separate teams.

viii. Network access secured by two layers of firewall

As on 31st March, 2018 data available in NDR:

18 lakh LKM of 2D seismic data.

6.5 lakh SKM of 3D seismic data.

14,415 wells and log data.

29,638 well reports.

14,464 Seismic reports.

Interpretation solution in Physical data viewing room.

Way forward to NDR:

Cloud based solution for virtual data room.

ISO certification.

Refer our Annual Report or more details…