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Important OM/Order

Transfer/Posting order of Section officer 12-04-2022 Download
Link Officer Arangement 22-03-2022 Download
Link Officer Arangement 21-03-2022 Download
Posting order of Shri N.K Jaiswal 14-03-2022 Download
Appointment notification of Shri Rajinder Kumar, IES:2003 14-03-2022 Download
Work Allocation among EA and DS Director Grade 10-03-2022 Download
Biennial election to the uttar Pradesh Legislative Councils from 35
Local Authorities' Consituencies- Applicability of Model code of Conduct
10-02-2022 Download
Temporary charge allocation of Marketing and GP division 10-02-2022 Download
By-election to fill casual vacancy in state lagislative assembly of assam 09-02-2022 Download
Scheme for Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Administration 2021     30-12-2021 Download/Detail
Superannuation order of Shri TarunK apoor 30-11-2021 Download
Transfer Posting Order of ASOs 08-11-2021 Download
Work allocation-Asset Monetisation 22-10-2021 Download
Posting order for  DS grade 22-10-2021 Download
eFile Management Release Note ver.6.2.0 28-10-2021 Download


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