Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation

In addition to natural gas, an initiative called "Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation" (SATAT) has been taken up to extract economic value from bio-mass waste in the form of Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) and bio-manure. Municipal solid waste, sugar industry waste (press mud) and agricultural residue have significant potential for production of the same. Our oil and gas CPSEs have come forward to promote the use of CBG by offering floor price to offtake CBG for the first 10 years through upfront commercial agreements. Given the abundance of biomass in the country, CBG has the potential to support the development of alternate clean fuel in automotive, industrial and commercial uses in the coming years. We have proposed that CBG plants be primarily set up through independent entrepreneurs. CBG produced at these plants will be transported through cascades of cylinders to the fuel station networks of OMCs for marketing as a green transport fuel alternative.

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