Gas meter manufacturing in India

Government of India has envisaged connecting 1 Cr cumulative PNG household kitchens by the end of 2020. With PNGRB’s 9th and 10th Bid Round completion, CGD in 402 out of 719 districts is authorized with PNG network covering 70% of the population. A total commitment of 4 Cr D-PNG connections is given by bidders in Round 9 and 10 for the next 8 years. By 2021, gas supplies from 25 new geographies are likely to start contributing. By 2025 around 230 cities are likely to have gas infrastructure. Pipeline infrastructure is set to grow four times and CNG stations to increase three times through 2025 as expansion in new geographies picks up pace. Indian gas regulator PNGRB has granted licenses to 136 geographies in the past two years, which will help sustain higher city gas volumes over the next decade. Currently there are around 55-60 lakh domestic connections in the country. In terms of CNG stations there are around 1900 CNG stations, with a plan to reach up to 10,000 CNG stations.

The total market size for gas meters in India is going to increase further and the requirement is estimated to be around 7 Cr gas meters in the next 10 years. There are very few manufacturers for PNG Gas meters in India. Major meter suppliers in India are supplying through their overseas manufacturing facilities by the way of importing. Most of the international OEMs are marketing PNG gas meters through their authorized distributors in India. PSUs like IGL have also started to look at international partnerships to establish a manufacturing setup in India.