Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has also emerged as one of the feasible alternate economical and environment friendly fossil fuel for the medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV). To kick start the development of LNG fuelled based transport ecosystem in the country, thrust has been given to build LNG filling stations along the golden quadrilateral. Usage of LNG in transport sector would also facilitate in reducing the import bill.Our greatest leverage is the size of our market and its stability. Therefore, it makes perfect business sense for gas producing countries to realign existing and long term market conditions with the prevailing market conditions.

Opportunities in LNG Sector :

  • LNG in Long Distance Transportation 
    Opportunity of 1 lakh buses or tucks using LNG by 2024.
  • LNG as transportation  fuel in inland waterways 
    Several projects are being implemented by the IWAI to develop infrastructure along the waterways.
  • LNG  Bunkering   for Sea going fishing fleet 
    Potential opportunities to convert of 14,000 fishing vessels by 2024.
  • LNG in cold warehousing chain 
    Potential opportunity of new warehouse capacity of 0.4 MMT Total estimated investment of USD 130 millions.


Infrastructure overview